Welcome to our  Sales page. This is provided as a space for the Society and its members to show pictures and details of items they wish to sell with a guide price. The Society will hope to take the usual 10% for club funds. It is a contact point for buyers to be put in touch with the seller for a person-to-person arrangement. If you are interested in any item please email who will provide you with contact details for the seller.


  • all locomotives have been test run (at least on a rolling road).
  • the Society is otherwise not responsible for the content and quality of the items presented.

Item 001


Item 002

’00’ Gauge Hornby R922, BR Intercity Brake Coach, boxed. £12.50.

Item 003

’00’ Gauge Bachmann 34-527, BR 63’ Bulleid Corridor 2nd Crimson/Cream, boxed. £15.

Item 004

N Gauge FARISH BLACK 5.  BR livery. Early Chinese release.  44896.  Bought originally as a back up.  Run very little.  Original box.  Mint condition £45.

Item 005

N Gauge FARISH Class 4 Tank.  First Chinese release.  Near enough mint condition. £40.


Item 006

’00’ gauge.   Hornby: James the Red Engine train set.  Complete.  James and the coaches have been popular at home and at club shows.  The track and controller never used.  £70.

Item 007

’00’ gauge. Bachmann cat. 32-126: class 45XX 2-6-2 tank, number 4560, BR early emblem. Easy DCC conversion. Boxed, like new. £35. SOLD

Item 008

’00’ gauge. Bachmann cat. 32-203, class 6750 Pannier Tank number 4666. BR black, late emblem. Weathered. Easy DCC conversion. Boxed, like new. Highly sought after if eBay is anything to go by.£90.


Item 009

00′ gauge. Bachmann cat. 32-151: N Class 2-6-0 number 31860. BR lined black, early emblem. Boxed, like new. £50.

Item 010

’00’ gauge. Hornby cat. R2026A, class 14XX tank, number 1472. GWR. Boxed – good quality. £50.


Item 011

’00’ gauge. Hornby cat. 5-130A, Class A4 Pacific ‘Mallard’ number 60022. BR Green. Tender drive. Tender link slightly damaged but it functions.
Box in poor condition but an iconic loco! £40.


Item 012

’00’ gauge. Hornby cat R326. BR ‘Skipper’ Twin Railbus, class 142 (looks like a Pacer). Number 55606. BR era 8 (1985). Model looks like new. Box in reasonable condition. £60.

Item 013

’00’ gauge. Hornby cat R369. BR 3-car Diesel Multiple Unit, Class 110, numbers on the model! BR green. Looks unused, lovely model. If I hadn’t already got a similar example I would snap it up at this price! (Ed.)£60. SOLD

Item 014

’00’ gauge. EFE cat. 14102.United/Beatties Bristol Lodekker London Bus. Boxed. £8.

Here is a list of the other items the Club has obtained for sale.
Please contact the Secretary for more details of any loco/unit of interest.

Web Item No.MakerMaker’s Cat NoDescriptionNumberRun test resultRemarks (all items in original boxes  UNO)Suggested price
 Steam locomotives      
15DapolND104a-U14XX Tank 0-6-01438OKBR black.
Instruction sheet included.
16Lima205110Class 45XX tank 2-6-25574OKBR black.
Instruction sheet included.
17Lima205117Class 94XX 0-6-0 pannier tank9400OKGWR£30
18Lima204617Class 121 4-6-0W55026OKBR green£30
19Lima205104?King Class 4-6-0 “King William IV”6002OKBR green
Tender drive
20Mainline37-058Class 2251 0-6-0 tender loco3205OKGWR (1930 on)£25
21GMR (by Airfix)54121-3Royal Scot46100OKBR black
Tender drive
22Airfix54151-4Prairie tank 2-6-26167OK but needs a serviceBR black£40
23Dapol (as Airfix)54153-0Class 14XX 0-4-2 tank1442OKBR black
Needs minor fix on body
In original Airfix box
24Mainline37054Class J32 0-6-0 tank581OKLNER
In (wrong) Airfix box
25Mainline37055Class J72 0-6-0 tank68747OKBR black, early emblem
26Bachmann (as Mainline)31-802Class 43XX 2-6-0 Mogul5322OK if repaired BR green
In original Mainline box
Needs repair (sliders off) – but could use new chassis (see below)
27Bachmann (as Replica Railways)11001Class 57XX 0-6-0 pannier tank7768OKGWR£30
28Hornby-Dublo2220 (or 20375?)4-6-0 “Denbigh Castle”7032OKBR green
Metal diecast
Needs a service
In a Kitmaster box for protection only
29HornbyR759-0600 or R3819?4-6-2 “Duchess of Atholl”46231OKBR maroon
in a spare Triang/Hornby box
30TriangR3504-4-031757Non-runnerBR green
Needs service
In (incorrect) Triang box
Pending any repair
31Bachmann35-800Chassis suitable for 43XX etcn/an/aUnopened box.£20
32MainlineE3580-BL1012-6-0 chassisn/aOKChassis only£10
 Diesel Units      
33HornbyR326BR ‘Skipper’ Twin Railbus, class 14255606OKBR era 8 (1985)£60
34Withdrawn – sold      
35Lima205108?Class 08 diesel shunter7120OKLMS black.£12
36Lima205150Bo-Bo Diesel Railcar W30WOKBR green
2 buffers loose, one missing
37Lima205150Bo-Bo Diesel Railcar W30WOKBR green
Two available.
38Lima205150Bo-Bo Diesel Railcar W30WOKBR green
Second of wo
Not original box (but still Lima)
39Lima205168Warship diesel “Rapid”D838OKBR maroon
Soiunds like a diesel (not sure if it is meant to!) check
40Lima205144Bo-Bo diesel “Express Parcels”W34WOKMaroon£40
41Lima205140Co-Co diesel “Sir Edward Elgar”50007OKBR ‘twin track’ emblem 1967/8
Loco carried this name from 1984-2014
42HornbyR758Bo-Bo diesel Class 35 HymekD7010OKBR green
Loose bogie one end
In (wrong) Hornby box
43HornbyR352Co-Co diesel-hydraulic, Class 32 “Western Courier”46100OKBR maroon
Instruction sheet included
44Hornby Dublo2230Class 20, 1000hp diesel D8017OKBR green
In a spare Lima box for protection
45HornbyR080Class 29 Bo-Bo dieselD6110OKBR Green, but no emblems or number
In an Airfix box for protection
Check for further details
46Kit built (assumed)n/aCo-Co Class 55 delticD9007OKBR green
Loose bogie one end
47Kitmaster (built)DAC047 + motorRailbus (2 axle)W71924OKBR green
(in file box 6)
48Kitmaster (built)?Pullman setCoach ‘A’ – dummy power car
Coach ‘B’ – restaurant / kitchen car
Coach ‘C’ – central aisle
Coach ‘E’ – restaurant / kitchen car
Coach ‘F’ – power car
power car needs repair and cleaning – non-runner as it standsBR blue and white. See also Triang coach under ‘ coaches’offer
49Tri-angR157/1582-car DMUM79071 (powered)
OK but needs a serviceEarly BR green (1954-9)
(in file box 6)
50LimaL1498093-car DMU, class 117/2W51342 (powered)
W61341 (centre coach)
W51340 (unpowered end)
OKBR green with small yellow panels, era 5 (1957-66)
(in file box 6)
3-car EMUS10575
OKBR green
Couplings replaced by bolted links
52Deleted (duplicate entry)      
 Coaches    See below for box details 
53Airfix54250-0Class ‘B’ surburban brake coach, GWR6895OKOriginal box£10
54Airfix54250-0Class ‘B’ surburban brake coach, GWR6896OKOriginal box£10
55Grafar?GWR suburban coach, chocolate and cream7053OKIn Hornby box£15 the pair
56Grafar?GWR suburban coach, chocolate and cream7094no cplgsIn Hornby boxsee above
57Mainline?Mk1 coach crimson & creamW178WOKOriginal box£15
58Tri-ang (Hornby box)R024LNER Clerestory coach61456OKIn Hornby box£15
 File box 2      
59Tri-angR120LMS suburban coachM41005cplgs loose £30 the set
60Tri-angR120LMS suburban coachM41006cplgs loose see above
61Tri-angR120LMS suburban coachM43171OK see above
62Tri-angR120LMS suburban coachM43172OK see above
 File box 4      
63Ratio kit-built?Set of 4 Victorian (?) 2-axle coaches (surburban ‘B’ set) cplgs need repair offer
 In carton 1      
64Airfix (GMR)R4100C HornbyAutocoach BR maroon, era 4 (1948-56)W187WOKSold on line for £11 (unboxed). Could be mfr 54256-B.£10
65Airfix (GMR)54255-5Autocoach GWR chocolate/cream 187OKEven better! Sold on line for £22 + P&P£15
66Tri-angR332GWR Clerestory coach61456OK £10
67Tri-angR229-R328Pullman coach ‘Anne’noneOKc/w internal seat, table and table lamp modelling. Absolutely gorgeous.£50 the set – only seen as one or two on line.
68Tri-angR228Pullman coach ‘Jane’noneOKAs above.see above
69Tri-angR229-R328Pullman coach ‘Joanne’noneOKAs above.see above
70Tri-angR229-R328Pullman coach ‘Mary’noneOKAs above.see above
71Tri-angR229-R328Pullman coach ‘Ruth’noneOKAs above.see above
72Tri-angR229-R328Pullman brake coach ‘Car No. 33’noneOKAs above.see above
73Tri-angR229-R328Pullman brake coach ‘Car No. 34’noneOKAs above.see above
74Tri-ang?Pullman coachW60745OKBR blue and white – see Pullman set above under ‘DMU’ 
75Tri-ang?Clerestory coachnoneOKGreen£1.00
 In carton 2      
76Kit built?2 x GW brown and cream coaches, no bogies require bogies and couplings offer
77Kit built?4 x SR green coaches: –
Buffet car
Brake coach
2 x corridor coaches
nonecomplete, but poor quality offer
 Wagons    See below for box details 
78Airfix?Mineral wagon, BR grey, with loadB231709OKMade up kit; in kit box£2.50
79Airfix?Meat van, BR redB870018OKMade up kit; in kit box£2.50
80Airfix (GMR)54309-1Siphon H, BR brownW1429OKoriginal box£15.00
81Airfix (GMR)54307-5Siphon G, BR brownW1452I cplg missingoriginal box£15.00
82Dapol?A2 5-plank opennoneOKunpainted; original box£2.50
83Dapol?A3 7-plank opennoneOKunpainted; original box£2.50
84Dapol?21T hopper, BR greynoneOKoriginal box£2.50
85Dapol54360-620T Guards van, BR grey114296 (…926?)1 cplg missingnot original box£5.00
86HornbyR001Closed van ‘KP Nuts’noneOKKP Nuts livery£2.50
87HornbyR002Closed van ‘Birds’noneOKBirdseye Fish Fingers  livery; original box£2.50
88HornbyR211Open wagon ‘British Steel’noneOKBritish Steel livery; original box£2.50
89HornbyR217Mineral wagon, BR, with loadB23109OKoriginal box£2.50
90Lima305689Close van ‘R Whites Lemonade’noneOKR Whites livery; original box£2.50
91Lima305639Hopper wagon ‘Tarmac’noneOKTarmac livery£2.50
92Lima305625Horse box, GW546OKGWR livery; original box£2.50
93Lima305657GUV parcel van, BR maroonW86470OKoriginal box£15.00
94Mainline?20T tank wagon ‘Crosfields’noneOKCrosfields livery; original box£2.50
95Mainline?7 plank open wagon ‘NE’noneOKNE livery; original box£2.50
96Mainline?5 plank open wagon ‘Timson’noneOKTimson livery; original box£2.50
97Mainline?20T steel mineral wagon ‘Avon Tyres’noneOKAvon Tyres livery; original box£2.50
 File box 1      
98No mfr mark (Tri-ang?)?Esso tank wagon3300OKEsso livery£2.00
99No mfr mark (Tri-ang?)?Shell BP tank wagon3303OKShell BP livery£2.00
100No mfr mark (Tri-ang?)?3-axle tank wagon ‘St Ivel’W44520OKSt Ivel livery£2.00
101No mfr mark (Tri-ang?)?HOP 21, 21T mineral wagon E289593KOK £2.00
102No mfr mark (Tri-ang?)?HOP 21, 21T mineral wagon E2895953KOK £2.00
103Airfix?Cattle wagonB986591OK £2.00
104Airfix54360-620T Guards van, BR grey114296OK £5.00
105Airfix (kit built)?Guards van, greynoneOKno decals – plain grey£1.00
106Airfix (kit built)?Box van, greynoneOKno decals – plain grey£1.00
107Hornby?Cable reel wagon43726OK £2.00
108Hornby?Tank wagon, ‘United Dairies’noneI cplg off £2.00
109HornbyR009-020Tank wagon, ‘Shell BP’noneOK £2.00
110Hornby?Tank wagon, ‘Trimite’noneOK £2.00
111Hornby/Tri-ang?Drop-side open wagonB712OK £2.00
112Hornby??Cross-channel motorail bogie wagon?OK £3.00
113Mainline?Tank wagon ‘Royal Daylight’1534OK £2.00
114Mainline?Tank wagon ‘United Molasses’128OK £2.00
 File box 2   OK  
115LimaL305362WBREL 14T siphon bogie van ‘EN Parts’ADW150426cplgs missing partsEN Parts blue livery£14.00
116LimaL305362WBREL 14T siphon bogie van ‘EN Parts’ADW150426OKEN Parts blue livery£15.00
117Tri-ang?SR Parcels bogie vanS23575OK – but needs windows re-sticking £10.00
 File box 3      
118No mfr mark (kit built?)?Cement hopper wagon ‘Blue Circle’PF20OK £2.00
119No mfr mark (kit built?)?Cement hopper wagon ‘Blue Circle’noneOK £2.00
120No mfr mark (kit built?)?Cement hopper wagon ‘Presflo’B993511 wheel set broken £2.00
121No mfr mark (kit built?)?13T box vanB281478L1 cplg loose £2.00
122No mfr mark (kit built?)?21T mineral wagonB7720641 cplg needs fixing £2.00
123No mfr mark (kit built?)?21T mineral wagonB153893OK £2.00
124No mfr mark (kit built?)?16T mineral wagonB245725repaied £1.00
125Airfix?Box vanW277592I cplg missing £2.00
126HornbyR564-040*SR cattle wagon, dark brown51915OK*common chassis number£2.00
127Hornby?SR cattle wagon, brownM3712OK £2.00
128Hornby?NE 20T Guards van178595OK £5.00
129Hornby?NE 12T coal wagon with load76863?OK £2.00
130HornbyR564-040*SC mineral wagon25506OK*common chassis number£2.00
131Lima?GUV, BR maroon305657WOKlovely model£10.00
132Mainline?21T hopper wagon ‘MOT’noneOK £2.00
 File box 4      
133No mfr mark (kit built?)?Cattle wagonE292145cplg needs repair £2.00
134No mfr mark (kit built?)?GW python, brown567OK £2.00
135No mfr mark (kit built?)?CCT bogie vanE1330EOK £10.00
136No mfr mark (kit built?)?Insulated wagonB872165OK £2.00
137No mfr mark (kit built?)?Box vanB72132OK £2.00
138LimaL320864BR siphon G, blue (parcel van)W2982OK £15.00
139Tri-ang050121/21Parcels bogie van, BR greenS2355SOK £15.00
140Tri-ang?Horse boxB542OK £2.00
 File box 5      
141Ratio kit-built?GPV (Gunpowder van)58791OK £2.00
142Ratio kit-built?Box vanB67753OK £2.00
143Airfix/Dapol?Flat bed wagon with container load, GWR Furniture rRemovals39005OK £2.00
144Hornby?10T open wagon ‘Arnolds Sands’noneOK £2.00
145Hornby?12T open wagon ‘Bestwood’655OK £2.00
146HornbyR239-020Stone wagon OKLooks new£2.00
147Hornby? Coal wagon ‘Scarwood’ OK £2.00
148Hornby?Box van ‘Fine Fish’ OK £2.00
149Hornby?Box van ‘Prime Pork’ OK £2.00
150HornbyS6339GW Guards van104732OK £5.00
151Lima?7 plank wagon ‘A W Spencer’ OK £2.00
 In carton 1?  OK  
152LimaL305351W?Siphon G bogie GWR brown2067OKSiphons originally used for milk churns, later for newspapers. Built 1923-37, last withdrawn 1962.£15.00
153LimaL350350WSiphon G bogie GWR maroonW2938WOK £15.00
 In carton 2      
154Kit built ?20T Guards van, London MidlandB952516OK £1.00
155Kit built ?PMVnonecouplings requiredplain green£2.00
156Kit built ?LowmacW144888OKgrey£1.00
157Airfix??Mineral wagons – set of 4see wagons – all numberedOK £4 the set
158Airfix??2 brake van kits in boxesnot recordedn/aUnfinished (part-complted) kits£2 for both
159Cooper craft (kit built)?GW Open wagon 28008OK £5 the set
160Cooper craft (kit built)?GW Open wagon 9287OK see above
161Cooper craft (kit built)?GWR Open wagon 37000OK see above
162Cooper craft (kit built)?GW Open wagon noneOK see above
163Cooper craft (kit built)?Open wagon noneOKno decalssee above
164Cooper craft (kit built)?Open wagon, Wm Bird & Co OK see above
165Cooper craft (kit built)?GW coal wagon 75091OKc/w load (coal)see above
166Cooper craft (kit built)?GW cattle wagon noneOK see above
167Hornby?Conflat – set of 4L5678 OKc/w three (3) containers£5 the set
168Hornby?Freightliner bogie wagons c/w containers – set of 2noneOKWhite and red Freightliner containers£5 the set
169Hornby?Freightliner bogie wagons c/w containers – set of 2noneOKGrey and red Freightliner containers£5 the set
170Hornby?Flatbed bogie container wagonTR3471OKc/w 2 odd conatiners£4.00
171Ratio (kit built)?Flatbed wagonnoneOK £1.00
172Tri-ang?Transporter bogie wagon41917OKgrey£4.00
173Tri-angR110Flatbed bogie wagonnoneOKgrey£4.00
174Tri-ang?Flatbed wagonnoneOKgrey£1.00
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