Welcome to our  Sales page. This is provided as a space for the Society and its members to show pictures and details of items they wish to sell with a guide price. The Society will hope to take the usual 10% for club funds. It is a contact point for buyers to be put in touch with the seller for a person-to-person arrangement. If you are interested in any item please email who will provide you with contact details for the seller.


  • all locomotives have been test run (at least on a rolling road).
  • the Society is otherwise not responsible for the content and quality of the items presented.

Item 001

’00’ Gauge Lima type 37/6 Diesel Locomotive (number D6722), Gaugemaster 8–pin DCC decoder fitted by owner, good condition, original boxed. Runs OK. £49.50.

Item 002

’00’ Gauge Hornby R922, BR Intercity Brake Coach, boxed. £12.50.

Item 003

’00’ Gauge Bachmann 34-527, BR 63’ Bulleid Corridor 2nd Crimson/Cream, boxed. £15.

Item 004

N Gauge FARISH BLACK 5.  BR livery. Early Chinese release.  44896.  Bought originally as a back up.  Run very little.  Original box.  Mint condition £45.

Item 005

N Gauge FARISH Class 4 Tank.  First Chinese release.  Near enough mint condition. £40.


Item 006

’00’ gauge.   Hornby: James the Red Engine train set.  Complete.  James and the coaches have been popular at home and at club shows.  The track and controller never used.  £70.

Item 007

’00’ gauge. Bachmann cat. 32-126: class 45XX 2-6-2 tank, number 4560, BR early emblem. Easy DCC conversion. Boxed, like new. £35.

Item 008

’00’ gauge. Bachmann cat. 32-203, class 6750 Pannier Tank number 4666. BR black, late emblem. Weathered. Easy DCC conversion. Boxed, like new. Highly sought after if eBay is anything to go by.£90.


Item 009

00′ gauge. Bachmann cat. 32-151: N Class 2-6-0 number 31860. BR lined black, early emblem. Boxed, like new. £50.

Item 010

’00’ gauge. Hornby cat. R2026A, class 14XX tank, number 1472. GWR. Boxed – good quality. £50.


Item 011

’00’ gauge. Hornby cat. 5-130A, Class A4 Pacific ‘Mallard’ number 60022. BR Green. Tender drive. Tender link slightly damaged but it functions.
Box in poor condition but an iconic loco! £40.


Item 012

’00’ gauge. Hornby cat R326. BR ‘Skipper’ Twin Railbus, class 142 (looks like a Pacer). Number 55606. BR era 8 (1985). Model looks like new. Box in reasonable condition. £60.

Item 013

’00’ gauge. Hornby cat R369. BR 3-car Diesel Multiple Unit, Class 110, numbers on the model! BR green. Looks unused, lovely model. If I hadn’t already got a similar example I would snap it up at this price! (Ed.)£60. 

Item 014

’00’ gauge. EFE cat. 14102.United/Beatties Bristol Lodekker London Bus. Boxed. £8.

Here is a list of the other items the Club has obtained for sale.
Please contact the Secretary for more details of any loco/unit of interest.
(Wagons and trucks to follow).

NOTE: all ’00’ gauge      
Web Item No.MakerMaker’s Cat NoDescriptionNumberRun test resultRemarks (all items in original boxes  UNO)Suggested price (mostly based on less than eBay)
Steam locomotives       
15DapolND104a-U14XX Tank 0-6-01438OKBR black.
Instruction sheet included.
16Lima205110Class 45XX tank 2-6-25574OKBR black.
Instruction sheet included.
17Lima205117Class 94XX 0-6-0 pannier tank9400OKGWR£30
18Lima204617Class 121 4-6-0W55026OKBR green£30
19Lima205104?King Class 4-6-0 “King William IV”6002OKBR green
Tender drive
20Mainline37-058Class 2251 0-6-0 tender loco3205OKGWR (1930 on)£25
21GMR (by Airfix)54121-3Royal Scot46100OKBR black
Tender drive
22Airfix54151-4Prairie tank 2-6-26167OK but needs a serviceBR black£40
23Dapol (as Airfix)54153-0Class 14XX 0-4-2 tank1442OKBR black
Needs minor fix on body
In original Airfix box
24Mainline37054Class J32 0-6-0 tank581OKLNER
In (wrong) Airfix box
25Mainline37055Class J72 0-6-0 tank68747OKBR black, early emblem
26Bachmann (as Mainline)31-802Class 43XX 2-6-0 Mogul5322OK if repaired BR green
In original Mainline box
Needs repair (sliders off) – but could use new chassis (see below)
27Bachmann (as Replica Railways)11001Class 57XX 0-6-0 pannier tank7768OKGWR£30
28Hornby-Dublo2220 (or 20375?)4-6-0 “Denbigh Castle”7032OKBR green
Metal diecast
Needs a service
In a Kitmaster box for protection only
29HornbyR759-0600 or R3819?4-6-2 “Duchess of Atholl”46231OKBR maroon
in a spare Triang/Hornby box
30TriangR3504-4-031757Non-runnerBR green
Needs service
In (incorrect) Triang box
Pending any repair
31Bachmann35-800Chassis suitable for 43XX etcn/an/aUnopened box.£20
Diesel locos and Units       
32Lima205108?Class 08 diesel shunter7120OKLMS black.£12
33Lima205150Bo-Bo Diesel Railcar W30WOKBR green
2 buffers loose, one missing
34Lima205150Bo-Bo Diesel Railcar W30WOKBR green
Two available.
35Lima205150Bo-Bo Diesel Railcar W30WOKBR green
Second of wo
Not original box (but still Lima)
36Lima205168Warship diesel “Rapid”D838OKBR maroon
Soiunds like a diesel (not sure if it is meant to!) check
37Lima205144Bo-Bo diesel “Express Parcels”W34WOKMaroon£40
38Lima205140Co-Co diesel “Sir Edward Elgar”50007OKBR ‘twin track’ emblem 1967/8
Loco carried this name from 1984-2014
39HornbyR758Bo-Bo diesel Class 35 HymekD7010OKBR green
Loose bogie one end
In (wrong) Hornby box
40HornbyR352Co-Co diesel-hydraulic, Class 32 “Western Courier”46100OKBR maroon
Instruction sheet included
41Hornby Dublo2230Class 20, 1000hp diesel D8017OKBR green
In a spare Lima box for protection
42HornbyR080Class 29 Bo-Bo dieselD6110OKBR Green, but no emblems or number
In an Airfix box for protection
Check for further details
43Kit built (assumed)n/aCo-Co Class 55 delticD9007OKBR green
Loose bogie one end
3-car EMUS10575
OKBR green
Couplings replaced by bolted links
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